August 2018 Roundup: Best Android Smartphones To Buy Now

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Hey hey!!! Looking for a the best Android Smartphone to buy now, right? Look no further! This is our comprehensive roundup of the best Android Smartphones you can buy now with latest live deals and promotional discount at the biggest retailer in the US. Whatever you are looking for Samsung, LG, ZTE or OPPO, Huawei, Asus, HTC, Google phone, they are all in one place, right here waiting for you!

Choosing an Android smartphone doesn’t has to be struggling. The only important thing is how much money you willing to spend on your phone. If you have a thousand bug, there are many options to go, including the latest flagship iPhone X of the Apple and the Samsung Galaxy S9| S9+. If you don’t have that much amount, don’t worry, there are a bunch of others to consider.

Before you scrolling down, keep in mind some of the most important factors to consider when choosing an Android smartphone. These are just some simple stuff, no technology concerns.

  • Choose the brand you love: Smartphone market is not only the game of the two biggest names i.e Apple, Samsung. There are other companies share the cake like LG,  ZTE, Oppo, HTC and so on. Thanks to a market research from CounterPoint, Apple is the leading brand in the US with 38% market share in 2018 first quarter and following up is Samsung with 26%. LG and ZTE share the third and fourth position in the market. To save you time, decide which brand you want to go before looking at the product and price.
US Smartphone Marketshare in 2018

US Smartphone Marketshare in 2018 – from CounterPoint.

  • Keep an eye on the design, the size, battery life, storage capacity, and the weight of the phone rather than only look at how good is its camera. Added to that, don’t be distracted with useless funny features.
Apple Animoji is funny but useless!

Animoji is funny but useless!

Okay! That’s it! Find your best Android smartphone now! This is a sorted list from lowest price to higher price. We think this list is helpful when you know exactly how much money you are willing to spend on your phone.

Best Android Smartphones You Can Buy In August 2018

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