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Orange is your trusted partner for handling databases.

Due to the nature of their jobs, developers require tools that allow them to easily check the structure of data, generate SQL, view, create and modify data, develop PL/SQL, and more in order to establish database-based systems. Furthermore, DBAs and consultants require tuning tools to conduct real-time monitoring on and enhance database performances.
Orange is a simple and easy-to-use solution for developers, DBAs, and consultants by providing users with outstanding intuitive GUI.
It offers quick and easy development and tuning of SQL and PL/SQL, and simplified the real-time monitoring and overall database management process, resulting in increased user productivity.
Orange is the only solution to uniformly support not just Oracle, DB2, SQL servers, SYBASE IQ, and SYBASE ASE, but also Korean DBMSs such as Altibase, Tibero, and PetaSQL. Since its release in 2001 under version 1.0, Orange has proven itself time and time again as a database development and performance management tool, and supports over 3,500 companies and 400,000 users around the world.


  • Equipped with easy-to-use intuitive GUI
  • Applicable in multilingual projects through
    Unicode support
  • Capable of simultaneously carrying out multiple
    tasks due to multithread structure
  • Provides statistical information on execution plans that have actually been carried out without requiring TRACE
  • Provides easily-accessible viewing, editing, and saving functions for LOB data
  • Provides real-time monitoring
    of session levels
  • Provides a function to set colors and labels to differentiate between sessions when connecting multiple sessions


  • Supports SFTP in its main function of real-time trace and plan viewing

Standard Edition Features

  • A Schema Browser that allows users to quickly and easily identify the object information in the database
  • Convenient development of SQL or PL/SQL statements
  • Comes with Tuning Advisor to suggest SQL statement tuning opinions
  • Comes with table editor, loader, and unloader to help with data modification tasks
  • Comes with an ER viewer that generates Entity-Relationship Diagrams (E-R Diagrams) to help with comparison and analysis
  • Comes with an Object Report that takes a variety of object specifications and generates them in report format
  • Comes with a script to generate various entities in the database
  • Comes with grammar, function, and hint provision to help with writing SQL
  • Contains other convenient development tools
  • Comes with an SQL Monitor that allows users to easily and quickly confirm the Top N SQL responsible for causing performance degradation among the SQL within a database’s memory
  • Comes with a Session Monitor that views the session lists connected to the database through several different options to easily resolve issues with sessions
  • Provides information on sessions and processes of all transactions currently running and information on related rollback segments and transactions states
  • Provides information on lock and lock tree occurring by session


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